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ABCD: 1546

Collfryn 80-2 Llansantffraid Deuddwr, Welshpool

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Site details:
Location: Collfryn 80-2, Llansantffraid Deuddwr, Welshpool, 1989, Powys, Wales SJ222173
Period: 3rd c BC Iron Age to medieval
Category: enclosed settlement
Notes: limited selective sampling program
Topography: low hills 100m OD
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Jones G E M and Milles A. 1989. Iron Age, Romano-British and Medieval plant remains. Fiche. In: Britnell W. The Collfryn hillslope enclosure, Llansantffraid Deuddwr, Powys: Excavations 1980-1982. Proc. Prehist. Soc. 55. 89-134. Wales, Powys

Processed by
AM - Milles, Annie: Cardiff Univ/EAU York

GEJ - Jones, Glynis E M: Sheffield Univ

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1546a PH.IA (19) ditch fill nr Iron Age ? ?
1546b PH.IA (7) ? nr Iron Age ? ?
1546c RO.RB (7) ? nr Romano-British ? ?

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