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ABCD: 1577

Swallowcliffe Down Shaftesbury/Salisbury

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Swallowcliffe Down, Shaftesbury/Salisbury, 1925, Wiltshire, England ST967255
Period: Early Iron Age (La Tene 1)
Category: settlement
Notes: -
Topography: downs 730ft OD
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Lyell A H. 1925. Charcoal. In: Clay R C C. 1925. An inhabited site of La Tene I date on Swallow Cliff Down. Wiltshire Archaeol. Nat. Hist. Mag. 43. 59. England, Wiltshire

Processed by
AHL - Lyell, A H: (1908)

Sample Period
1577a PH.IA.EI

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