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ABCD: 1579

Fifield Bavant Down 22 nr Marlborough

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Site details:
Location: Fifield Bavant Down 22, nr Marlborough, 1924, Wiltshire, England SU1468
Period: early Iron Age
Category: settlement
Notes: lots of pits assoc with Barrows
Topography: chalk downs
Condition: dry
Report type: cereal grain

Biffen R H. 1924. Report on the cereals. 493-4 and photos. In: Clay R C C. 1924. An early Iron Age site at Fifield Bavant Down. Wiltshire Archaeol. Nat. Hist. Mag. 140. 457. England, Wiltshire

Processed by
RHB - Biffen, Prof Sir R H: (1925)

Sample: 1579a

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Avena sativa flo c !D p 1
Bromus hordeaceus ssp. hordeaceus pro c p 1
Bromus sterilis pro c 1 1
Galeopsis speciosa/tetrahit agg. pro c 3 1
Hordeum sp. pro c Q + 1
Hordeum vulgare rai c Q! + 1
Lapsana communis pro c 1 1
Papaver somniferum pro c 1 1
Phleum nodosum pro c 1 1
Triticum dicoccon glm c Q + 1
Triticum dicoccon spk c Q + 1
Triticum sp. pro c Q + 1
Vicia tetrasperma pro c 1 1
Viola canina pro c 1 1

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