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ABCD: 1586

Cainhoe Castle 73 Clophill Parish

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Site details:
Location: Cainhoe Castle 73, Clophill Parish, 1975, Bedfordshire, England TL0838
Period: Roman - medieval
Category: castle motte & bailey
Notes: remains of stake and wattle structure covered in peat ?dark age
Topography: sand outcrop overlooking valley
Condition: waterlogged
Report type: charcoal/wood

Thomas R. 1975. Identification of wood stakes recovered during excavation. 50-1. In: Taylor A. and Woodward P. Cainho Castle excavations 1973. Bedfordshire Archaeol. J. 10. 50-1. England, Bedfordshire

Processed by
CAK - Keepax, Carole:

RT - Thomas, Richard:

Sample: 1586a

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Alnus glutinosa cwd c p 1
Betula sp. cwd c p 1
Fraxinus excelsior cwd c p 1
Prunus avium cwd c p 1
Quercus sp. cwd c p 1
Salix sp. cwd c p 1

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