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ABCD: 1594

Henley Rd Ipswich 14-16 Ipswich

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Site details:
Location: Henley Rd Ipswich 14-16, Ipswich, 1917, Suffolk, England TM1744
Period: Mousterian ????
Category: occupation levels
Notes: peat layer overlying occupation floor, excavation in brick quarry
Topography: valley side deposits
Condition: dry
Report type: individual identifications

Reid C. 1917. Plant ids. 371. In: Reid Moir J. 1917. On some human and animal bones, flint implements, etc, discovered in two ancient occupation levels in a small valley near Ipswich. J. Roy. Anthrop. Inst. 47. 367. England, Suffolk

Processed by
CR - Reid, Clement:

Sample: 1594a

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Bryonia dioica pro w T p 1
Carduus crispus pro w p 1
Quercus sp. rhi w p 1
Rubus fruticosus agg. pro w p 1
Scirpus sp. pro w p 1
Sonchus asper pro w p 1

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