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ABCD: 1600

Rollright Stones 82-6 nr Chipping Norton

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Location: Rollright Stones 82-6, nr Chipping Norton, 1988, Oxfordshire, England SP305305
Period: Neolithic - Bronze Age - Iron Age
Category: three megalithic monuments
Notes: flotation on all pre-Iron Age deposits containing charred rems.
Topography: limestone scarp
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Straker V. 1988. The charcoal. 102-3. In: Lambrick G (et al.). The Rollright Stones, megaliths, monuments and settlements in the prehistoric landscape. English Heritage Archaeological Report 6. London: HBMC(E). England, Oxfordshire

Processed by
VS - Straker, Vanessa: DUA London/Bristol Univ

Sample Period
1600a PH.?
1600b PH.BA
1600c PH.IA

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