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ABCD: 1605

Cop Barrow Bledlow Bledlow

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Site details:
Location: Cop Barrow Bledlow, Bledlow, 1940, Buckinghamshire, England SP7800
Period: mid-late Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon
Category: round barrow
Notes: from various layers and pit fills
Topography: Chilterns
Condition: **
Report type: charcoal/wood

Maby J C. 1940. Charcoals. 348. In: Head J F. 1940. The excavation of the Cop Round Barrow, Bledlow. Rec. Buckinghamshire. 13. 313-351. England, Buckinghamshire

Processed by
JCM - Maby, J C: (1935)

Sample Period
1605a PH.BA.LB
1605b ?
1605c ?
1605d ?

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