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ABCD: 1662

Chapeltump 1 86 Severn foreshore (Gwent)

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Site details:
Location: Chapeltump 1 86, Severn foreshore (Gwent), 1989, Gwent, Wales ST38
Period: later Bronze Age
Category: occupation
Notes: seaward side of sea wall: interior surface & post holes
Topography: estuary foreshore on peat
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Antoine S. 1989. Worked wood. In: Whittle A W R. Two later Bronze Age occupations and an Iron Age channel on the Gwent foreshore. Bull. Board of Celtic Stud. 36. 200-223. Wales, Gwent

Processed by
SA - Antoine, S: Cardiff (1989)

Sample Period
1662a PH.BA.LB

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