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ABCD: 1666

Hereford City 70 Hereford

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Hereford City 70, Hereford, 1971, Hereford & Worcester, England SO5040
Period: Saxon 10th cAD
Category: city defences
Notes: observation & recording on building sites, defences & pits
Topography: ?
Condition: dry
Report type: macrofossil reports

Mitchell G F, McCutchen H J A and Hood J S R. 1971. Seeds and fruit from pit 1. Note 2. 235-6. In: Shoesmith R. 1971. Hereford City excavations 1970. Trans. Woolhope Nat. Field Club 40. 225-40. England, Hereford & Worcester

Processed by
GFM - Mitchell, G F: Dept Quaternary Studies, Trinity Coll. Dublin

Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1666a PR.MD.HM pit 1 pit fill ? mid-late 13th 1250 1300
1666b PR.MD.? Site C ditch fill ? medieval? ? ?
1666c PR.MD

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