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ABCD: 1711

Verulamium 49 St Albans

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Verulamium 49, St Albans, 1953, Hertfordshire, England TL1507
Period: Roman cAD80-296
Category: city
Notes: cereals from burnt corn level Period 1A of building site G
Topography: ?
Condition: dry
Report type: cereal grain

Helbaek H. 1953. The cereals from the Burnt Corn level. 91. In: Cotton M A and Wheeler R E M. 1953. Verulamium 1949. St Albans and Hertfordshire Archit. and Archaeol. Soc. Trans. England, Hertfordshire

Processed by
HH - Helbaek, Hans: National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

NLK - Kent, N L: British Flour Mills Research Assoc. St Albans

VVH - Henton, V V C: British Flour Mills Research Assoc. St Albans

Sample Period
1711b RO

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