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ABCD: 1731

Church Island 55-6 Valencia

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Church Island 55-6, Valencia, 1958, Kerry, Ireland, Eire ??
Period: early Christian to post-Norman
Category: settlement
Notes: wooden and later stone buildings
Topography: tidal island
Condition: dry
Report type: individual identifications

Scannell M J. 1958. Appendix III The plant remains. 57-136. In: O'Kelly M J. 1958. Church Island near Valencia, County Kerry. Proc. Roy. Irish Acad. 59. C. 2. 17-125. Ireland, Eire, Kerry

Processed by
MJS - Scannell, M J P: Head of Herbarium, Dublin Bot. Garden (1972)

Sample Period
1731a PR.?

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