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ABCD: 1750

Glenluce 56 Torrs Warren, Glenluce sand dunes

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Site details:
Location: Glenluce 56, Torrs Warren, Glenluce sand dunes, 1959, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland NX149544
Period: 15th c (c. 1495)
Category: house and coin hoard
Notes: pollen from dark humic layers above and below hearth
Topography: sand dune
Condition: dry
Report type: pollen

Dimbleby G W. 1959. Appendix II Pollen analysis and ecology of the site. 278-9. In: Jope E M and Jope H M. A hoard of fifteenth century coins from Glenluce sand-dunes and their context. Medieval Archaeol. 3. 259-79. Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway

Processed by
GWD - Dimbleby, Prof Geoffrey: Inst of Archaeol, London

Sample Period
1750a PR.MD.LM

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