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ABCD: 1762

Surrey St 63-4 King's Lynn

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Site details:
Location: Surrey St 63-4, King's Lynn, 1977, Norfolk, England TF617202
Period: 13th c - post-med
Category: urban settlement
Notes: Area J a deep trench through occupations layers/brown material
Topography: lowland river side
Condition: dry
Report type: individual identifications

Franks J. 1977. Plant remains. 409-10. In: Clarke H and Carter A. Excavations in King's Lynn 1963-1970. Medieval Archaeol. Monograph Series 7. [Surrey St] England, Norfolk

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JWF - Franks, J W:

Sample: 1762a

Taxa name Part Preservation Problem code Quantity Abundance
Calliergon cuspidatum sht w T p 1
Calliergon stramineum sht w T p 1
Campylium elodes sht w p 1
Campylium polygamum sht w p 1
Chiloscyphus sp. sht w X p 1
Cratoneuron commutatum sht w p 1
Cratoneuron filicinum sht w p 1
Drepanocladus revolvens sht w p 1

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