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ABCD: 1766

St Peter's St 73-6 Northampton

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Site details:
Location: St Peter's St 73-6, Northampton, 1979, Northamptonshire, England SP7561
Period: early Saxon Ad 800 - 1500
Category: urban settlement
Notes: pit assoc. with Grubenhauser (house 10) and later drying oven
Topography: riverside 67m OD
Condition: dry
Report type: charcoal/wood

Oakley G E. 1979. Charcoal and Wood. 319. In: Williams J H. St Peter's Street Northampton, excavations 1973-1976. Northampton: Northampton Development Corporation Archaeological Monographs 2. England, Northamptonshire

Processed by
GEO - Oakley, G E: (1974)

Sample Period
1766a PR.MD:SE

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