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ABCD: 1767

Portchester (Saxon) 70 Portchester, nr Portsmouth

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Site details:
Location: Portchester (Saxon) 70, Portchester, nr Portsmouth, 1975, Hampshire, England SU625045
Period: (Roman) 5th-11th c AD
Category: castle
Notes: well or pit 135 layer 100 phase 3c/4
Topography: coastal
Condition: dry
Report type: pollen

Barber K E. 1976. Two pollen analyses on sediments from well (pit) 135. 297-9. In: Cunliffe B. Excavations at Portchester Castle. Volume II. Saxon. Soc. Antiq. London. Reports of the Research Committee 33. England, Hampshire

Processed by
KEB - Barber, K E: Southampton Univ

Sample Period
1767a PR.SE
1767b PR.SE

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