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ABCD: 1776

Goldherring 58-61 Sancreed, nr Penzance

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Location: Goldherring 58-61, Sancreed, nr Penzance, 1969, Cornwall, England SW42
Period: late 1st BC or early 1st AD to 6th AD
Category: walled settlement
Notes: oval hut with hearth presumably IA or RB
Topography: valley side granite 500ft
Condition: ??
Report type: cereal grain

Taylor G. 1969. Charcoal. 38. In: Guthrie A. Excavations of a settlement at Goldherring, Sancreed. 1958-61. Cornish Archaeol. 8. 5-39. England, Cornwall

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Sample Period
1776a PH.IA:RB

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