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ABCD: 1925

Lurk Lane 79-82 Beverley

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Site details:
Location: Lurk Lane 79-82, Beverley, 1991, Humberside, England TA037391
Period: Anglian-medieval
Category: urban occupation/monastic
Notes: probably not a full list
Topography: lowland boulder clay
Condition: waterlogged
Report type: macrofossil reports

McKenna W J B. 1991. The plant, molluscan, insect and parasite remains. 209-215. In: Armstrong P, Tomlinson D and Evans D H. Excavations at Lurk Lane Beverley 1979-82. Sheffield Excavation Reports 1. Sheffield. England, Humberside

Processed by
WJM - McKenna, W J B (Barrie): EAU York

Sample Period Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1925a PR.SE.MS:AS ditch fills grey-brown silts wit later 8th c 750 800
1925b PR.SE.AS Phase 4 ditch fills highly organic 9th c 800 900
1925c PR.SE.AS Phase 5 ditch & pit fills dark grey silt 10-11th c 900 1100
1925d PR.SE:MD.AS:EM:HM Phase 7 pitfill dark organic silt 11th c-1400 1000 1400
1925e PR.MD.LM Phase 8 garderobe fill dark brown/black"pe c1400-1500 1400 1500

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