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ABCD: 99

Llantwit Major 39-40 Barry/Bridgend

Site code:

Site details:
Location: Llantwit Major 39-40, Barry/Bridgend, 1941, Glamorgan (W, M & S), Wales ST9668
Period: ?
Category: turf barrow + stake
Notes: plant rems. in sheeplays 293, assoc. with primary burial
Topography: ?
Condition: **
Report type: individual identifications

Hyde H A. 1941. Appendix III The plant remains in sheeplays 293. 126-7. In: Fox C. Stake-circles in turf barrows: a record of excavation in Glamorgan, 1939-40. Antiq. J. 21. 97-129. Wales, Glamorgan (W, M & S)

Processed by
HAH - Hyde, H A: Keeper of Botany Museum of Wales (1927)

Sample Period
0099a PH

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