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ABCD: Leontodon cf. autumnalis

Leontodon cf. autumnalis L. ?autumnal hawkbit



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Site no Site Location Date Period
1368 Hulton Abbey 72-83 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England 1985 medieval 13th-16th
1736 Milk St City of London, Greater London, England 1991 early medieval
1250 Hungate York 50 York, North Yorkshire, England 1961 Roman/Anglo-Scandinavian/medieval
1338 East Gate Lancaster 73 Lancaster, Mitre Yard, Lancashire, England 1988 roman late 2nd - mid 3rd c AD
1623 The Bedern York 76-80 York, North Yorkshire, England 1986 ?
1300 Coulters Garage 78 Alcester, Warwickshire, England 1989 prehist/Iron age/Roman 2nd-4th cAD
1044 Hen Domen 60-74 Montgomery, Powys, Wales 1982 pre-Conquest/medieval

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