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ABCD: Populus/Salix sp.

Populus/Salix sp.



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Site no Site Location Date Period
1031 Danebury 78 Andover/Salisbury/Winchester, Hampshire, England 1984 Iron Age
Sample Period
1031a PH.IA
1120 Old Keig 33 Alford, Inverurie, Grampian, Scotland 1934 ?Bronze Age
Sample Period
1120a PH.BA
1148 Castledykes 37-55 Ravenstruther, Strathclyde, Scotland 1964 Roman
Sample Period
1148a RO.RM
1559 Rush Green 82-3 Denham, Buckinghamshire, England 1988 medieval 12th-14thcAD
Sample Period
1559a PR.MD.EM:HM
1133 Rudh an Dunain 32 Skye, Highland, Scotland 1934 !?beaker/early iron age
Sample Period
1133a PH.NE:BA:IA.?
1152 Brough of Birsay 73-4 Orkney (Mainland), Orkney, Scotland 1982 early Christian/Norse/late 8th-medieval
Sample Period
1152a PC:PR.SE.AS
49 Hembury Fort nr Honiton, Devon, England 1930 ?
1074 Balevullin 12 Tiree, Strathclyde, Scotland 1965 Iron age
Sample Period
1074a PH.IA
1119 Jarlshof 32-3 Sumburgh, Shetland, Shetland, Scotland 1934 ?
Sample Period
1119a ND
1124 Kildonan Bay 36 Kintyre, nr Campbelltown, Strathclyde, Scotland 1939 ?2nd C AD - 14th C AD
Sample Period
1124a RO:PC:PR.SE:MD
1144 Crosskirk 66-72 Caithness, Highland, Scotland 1984 Iron Age?
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1144b PH:RO:PC:PR.RB Periods 2- com nr ? -200 200
1514 City Arms 73 Hereford, Broad St, Hereford & Worcester, England 1985 ?
Sample Period
1514a PR.?
1411 Cowleaze 77-84 Winterbourne Steepleton, nr Dorchester, Dorset, England 1991 ?
Sample Period
1411c ?
1609 Din Dryfol 69-70 and 80 Anglesey, Gwynedd, Wales 1987 Neolithic and Romano-British
Sample Period
1609a PH.NE
78 Caerwent 09 and 10 nr Chepstow (Venta Silurum), Gwent, Wales 1911 Roman
Sample Period
0078a RO
1089 Camelon Northern Annexe 61-3 nr Falkirk, Central, Scotland 1980 Roman 1st c AD
Sample Period
1089a RO.RM
1520 Battle Abbey 78-80 Battle, nr Hastings, Sussex (E & W), England 1985 Norman - post dissolution
Sample Period
1520b PR.MD.EM
1766 St Peter's St 73-6 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England 1979 early Saxon Ad 800 - 1500
Sample Period
1766a PR.MD:SE
1772 Wharram 53-60 Wharram Percy, nr Malton, North Yorkshire, England 1979 (Roman) 12th - 16th c AD
Sample Period
1772a PR.MD.LM
1731 Church Island 55-6 Valencia, Kerry, Ireland, Eire 1958 early Christian to post-Norman
Sample Period
1731a PR.?
1079 Lussa River Jura, Strathclyde, Scotland 1973 mesolithic 3450-2940 BC regression time
Sample Period
1079a PH.ML
1110 Eilean an Tighe North Uist (Loch Nan Geireann), Western Isles, Scotland 1953 Neolithic/2nd millenium BC
Sample Period
1110a PH.NE
1121 Loanhead of Daviot 35 nr Inverurie, Grampian, Scotland 1936 Late Bronze Age
Sample Period
1121a PH.BA
1139 Moss Raploch 74 Clatteringshaws Loch, nr New Galloway, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland 1978 1st/2nd c AD
Sample Period
1139a RO:PC:PR.RB
1422 Low Ham Chew Valley, nr Bristol, Avon, England 1977 Roman
Sample Period
1422a RO.RN
1457 Townleyhall 60 nr Drogheda, Co. Louth, Louth, Ireland, Eire 1963 Neolithic
Sample Period
1457a PH.NE
1463 Welsh St Donats nr Cowbridge, Glamorgan (W, M & S), Wales 1982 Bronze age
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1463a PH.BA com features assoc with barro nr Bronze Age -1370 -790
1420 Chew Park Well 54 nr Bristol, Somerset, England 1977 Roman
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1420a RO.RN.LR nr well fill nr Roman 300 350
1274 Staple Howe 51-6 Knapton, nr Malton, North Yorkshire, England 1963 Iron Age
Sample Period
1274a PH.IA
1352 Brampton 73-4 Aylsham/Hoveton, Norfolk, England 1977 Roman late 1st-late 4th AD
Sample Period
1352a RO.LR
1564 Brook Lane 85 Horsham, Sussex (E & W), England 1989 late medieval 14th-16th cAD
Sample Period
1564a PR.MD.LM
1087 Quoyscottie Knowes, Orkney (Mainland), Orkney, Scotland 1979 1st millenium BC
Sample Period
1087a PH.IA
1452 Housesteads 84 Birkshaw (Hadrians Wall), Northumberland, England 1988 Roman
Sample Period
1452a RO.RM
1458 Boolies Little 80 Co. Meath, Meath, Ireland, Eire 1983 ?
Sample Period
1458a ND
1539 Ferring 84 Ferring Rife, Littlehampton/Worthing, Sussex (E & W), England 1989 late Bronze Age - Iron Age
Sample Period
1539a PH.BA:IA.BI
1572 Yapton 84 nr Bognor Regis, Sussex (E & W), England 1987 later Bronze Age 9th cBC
Sample Period
1572a PH.BA.LB
1456 Shanballyedmond Co. Tipperary, Tipperary, Ireland, Eire 1958 Neolithic
Sample Period
1456a PH.NE
1493 High Rocks 54-6 Tunbridge Wells, Sussex (E & W), England 1960 mesolithic - late Neolithic (Iron Age)
Sample Period
1493a PH
1354 Witton Parish nr North Walsham, Norfolk, England 1983 Early Anglo Saxon
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1354b PR.SE.ES structures SFB fill nr early Anglo-Saxon ? ?
1665 Bagendon 54-6 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England 1961 ?
Sample Period
1665a PH.IA.LI
1571 Dell Quay 84 nr Chichester, Sussex (E & W), England 1987 Roman ?c.nAD75-175
Sample Period
1571a RO.ER

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