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ABCD: cf. Pinus sp.

cf. Pinus sp.



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Site no Site Location Date Period
1314 Killeaba 68-9 Ramsey, IOM, Isle of Man, Isle of Man 1978 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age
Sample Period
1314a PH.NE:BA.BE:EB
1104 The Ord North 67 Lairg, Sutherland, Highland, Scotland 1981 neolithic
Sample Period
1104a PH.NE
1289 Stanwick nr Catterick, North Yorkshire, England 1954 Iron Age
Sample Period
1289a PH.IA
1309 Nympsfield 74 Frocester parish, Gloucestershire, England 1979 Neolithic
Sample Period
1309a PH.NE
1649 Borough High St (201-211) Southwark, London, Greater London, England 1978 ?
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1649a PH:RO B11-1(3) channel fill nr pre-Roman ? ?

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