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Clarke, Mrs H H: Dept Plant Sciences Newcastle Univ. (1968)

Site no Site Location Date Period
1227 Pen Llystyn 59-60 Bryncir, Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, Wales 1968 roman 1st-5th C AD
1056 Allerwash 72 Newborough, nr Hexham, Northumberland, England 1973 Neolithic/Beaker/Early Bronze Age
1701 Frocester Court 61-7 nr Stroud, Gloucestershire, England 1971 Romano-British 3rd-4th cAD
12 Newcastle Carmelite Friary 65 Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England 1968 medieval
1699 Upton St Leonards 69 nr Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England 1971 Romano-British 2nd-4th cAD
10 West Brandon nr Durham City, Durham, England 1962 Iron Age
11 Alnham Cairnfields Cheviots (NW of Rothbury), Northumberland, England 1966 ?Iron Age
13 Burradon nr Rothbury, Northumberland, England 1970 Iron Age


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