4.10 Age Incidence - Area patterns

The south west area

Incidences of age 0-1 burials (Table 257) are much higher than the average in 3500-2500bc and 8/700- 100bc (19% and 14% compared with 5%), as are age 2-17 incidences, except that the period 100bc- AD43 is also high for these. The variations thereafter are considerable, with no periods particularly linking. 8/700-100bc carries the most consistent representation of all the groups, and roughly double the average percentages, but numbers are small (Table 256).

The south area

The area shows a similar higher incidence of age 0-1 and 2-17 burials in 3500-2500bc (Table 260) which it shares with the two last periods. Age 2-17 burials appear quite highly represented throughout, averaging 21% overall, and only falling below that in 14/1300-8/700bc (12%). Just as in the south west, the period 8/700-100bc carries the most consistent representation of all groups, and roughly double the average percentages but on a small base. Age groups spanning 18-36+ generally seem more in evidence over 8/700bc-AD43 than in the three previous periods. Patterns are otherwise lacking, taking the age characteristic by itself.

The south east area

While the south east area has the same consistent representation of age 2-17 incidences as other areas over time (Table 263), in 3500-2500bc it has a far lower incidence of age 0-1 burials (8%), and is stronger in the other age groups, all on a small numerical base. In the periods covering 14/1300bc- AD43, the south east area seems to be more weakly represented in all groups than the south west and south, having matched them or provided higher incidence in the early periods.


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