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Site name Cassington Big Enclosure
Site number 1015
Burial codes 1003 1009 1021 1023 1026 1028 1030 1035 1036 1042 1047 1051 1053 1065 1073 1075 1084 1092 1098 1102 1104 1106 1108 1111 1127 1128 1143 1151 1153 1181 1183
100bc-AD43 A sub-circular Late Iron Age fortification c330m x 240m oriented NW/SE, with a causewayed ditch with 6 entrances and an inner bank. At the south west gap, in the north west butt end of the ditch and in the lowest but one Layer 6, there was the burial of an adult female c22-28, head to SE, lying on its right side, head out of articulation facing south, and behind it a child c2, flexed, on its right side. Neither burial had grave goods. They had been laid on the primary silting with a minimal cover of silted gravel. The earlier levels of the ditch are dated by Belgic pottery to the 1st Century BC/1st Century AD.

There were animal bones of ox, sheep, pig, horse, red deer, dog and badger in the ditch layers, with ox predominating. A human scapula was also found in Layer 5.
Remains/Period Y1
County Oxfordshire
Region SE
National grid square SP
X coordinate 450
Y coordinate 100
Bibliographic source Case 1982c


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