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Site name Offham Hill
Site number 107
Burial codes 5005 5009 5021 5023 5025 5028 5030 5035 5036 5042 5047 5051 5053 5065 5072 5085 5092 5097 5101 5104 5105 5106 5107 5111 5127 5128 5143 5151 5153 5181 5200
3500bc - 2500bc Causewayed enclosure with a double ditch and inner banks, the ditches being irregularly dug and naturally silted and some of the causeways being entrances with a corresponding gap in the bank, others simply near-joining of adjacent ditch ends with no bank gap. More ditch material occurred in the outer than the inner ditch, including abraded Neolithic pottery, probably accumulated rather than purposefully deposited. At the north end of the outer ditch was a small pit containing the crouched burial of a male c20-25, without grave goods, very tightly packed, the skeleton lying on its right side facing east.

At the bottom of the ditch terminal at the west entrance was placed a half mandible of an adult c30-35. There was other disarticulated human skeletal material in the ditch, which the excavators considered had arrived there as casual rubbish. This included a half mandible of an adult c35-40. A second pit in the bottom of the south side of the outer ditch contained the probable deliberate burial of a leaf shaped arrow head, waste flakes, broken fresh pottery, and animal bones of red and roe deer, cattle, beaver and pig. Most of the pottery was of the Neolithic with sherds of probably one Beaker, and barring one Early Bronze Age sherd the rest being pre-Roman Iron Age or Romano-British.

RC: BM-1414 2975 +/- 80, BM-1415 2790 +/- 60
Remains/Period Y5
County Sussex
Region SE
National grid square TQ
X coordinate 399
Y coordinate 118
Bibliographic source Holden 1973, Drewett 1977a, Kinnes 1979


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