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Site name Itford Hill Settlement, Beddingham
Site number 1088
Burial codes 3002 3005 3022 3023 3026 3028 3030 3035 3042 3045 3051 3065 3075 3084 3091 3098 3102 3104 3108 3110 3111 3129 3143 3153 3181
14/1300bc-8/700bc A settlement of perhaps very short lifespan (c25 years), comprising a number of enclosures and platforms in an area c147m x 55m with two further small adjacent platforms.

In storage pit No 21 found in excavating Hut C were some human bones including the right and left tibia possibly of a young female and also fragments of limb bones of a child assumed from the accompanying pottery to be of 'Beaker age'. It was assumed by the excavators that the Late Bronze Age storage pit had cut across an older feature to which this find belonged.

In a small recess of the doorway post hole of Hut D was an upright phallus carefully carved from chalk, its top left level with the hut floor. This hut was the largest and most elaborate dwelling on the settlement.

RC: from barley samples GrN-6167 1000 +/-35
Remains/Period Y3
County Sussex
Region SE
National grid square TQ
X coordinate 447
Y coordinate 53
Bibliographic source Burstow and Holleyman 1957, Selkirk 1972d


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