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Site name Highdown Hill
Site number 1111
Burial codes 2001 2003 2021 2023 2025 2028 2030 2035 2042 2046 2051 2065 2075 2084 2092 2098 2101 2107 2112 2128 2143 2154 2181
8/700bc-100bc An Early Iron Age fortification, where in Cutting IV through the south east corner and ditch, at the bottom of the ditch, lay the skeleton of an adult male c40 buried in a cairn of chalk blocks. The burial is considered to be of Iron Age A1 date from stratified pottery from similar levels [1940].

In a slight depression at the foot of the interior slope of the southern rampart was a pit c2.2m x 1m x 1.2m deep, with steps cut down into it on all sides. The pit was filled with chalk rubble covered by earth at the top. Towards the south east corner of the pit in an upright position was a bronze knife or dagger, and near it a piece of bone pin. Near the dagger and resting on one of the steps at the south east corner of the pit were several large fragments of an urn, but no trace of cremation [1869].

At the north west corner of the pit was a skeleton extended head to NW, on its back, probably a female, hands crossed over the pelvis, a later insertion as its grave cut into the pit sides [1869]. The dating of this is not secure.
Remains/Period Y2
County Sussex
Region SE
National grid square TQ
X coordinate 92
Y coordinate 44
Bibliographic source Lane-Fox 1869, Wilson 1940, 1950, Bruck 1995


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