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Site name Fifield Bavant, Ebbesbourne Wake
Site number 1201
Burial codes 2003 2009 2021 2023 2026 2028 2030 2035 2036 2042 2047 2051 2065 2072 2075 2084 2092 2098 2102 2104 2105 2111 2127 2128 2143 2153 2181
8/700bc-100bc A settlement site abandoned in pre-Roman times with 107 storage pits of the Iron Age and some dwellings and other structures for storage. Pit 80 contained the skeleton of a young adult female lying on the left side, oriented NE, legs crouched and crossed at the ankles, and hands placed together under the chin (so possibly bound). It had been buried 0.75m deep in a half-filled pit whose total depth was 1.5m. The skull had been badly crushed by several large flints placed or thrown on it. [c8th-5th Century BC]

The pits produced a number of fragmentary human bones including a cup or scoop of complete frontal bone whose edges were worn smooth (Pit 105), two skulls in separate pits, one badly gnawed (all Early Iron Age), and a gnawed skull fragment (Early to Mid Iron Age) from Pits 5, 35, and 102.

The pottery was largely La Tene with a few Hallstatt forms.
Remains/Period Y2
County Wiltshire
Region S
National grid square SU
X coordinate 1
Y coordinate 255
Bibliographic source Clay 1924, Cunningon 1934, Wait 1985, Whimster 1981, Wilson 1981, Bruck 1995


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