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Site name Badshot Lea, Farnham 1
Site number 121
Burial codes 5002 5005 5021 5023 5025 5028 5030 5032 5036 5042 5048 5051 5065 5075 5084 5098 5104 5111 5128 5143 5152 5181 5200
3500bc - 2500bc A long barrow oriented ENE. Quarrying had destroyed much of the mound and south ditch, and human skeletal material was found in the quarry debris. There were scant pottery finds in the small amount of primary ditch silting which contained in the north ditch a leaf arrow head and the point of a probable lozenge arrow head, but the three plain sherds found were probably of the Neolithic A type. The secondary layer of the ditch fill contained part of a polished flint axe and a considerable quantity of Neolithic B sherds including some from a fine bowl, some Beaker-like fragments and cord ornamented sherds of the Early Bronze Age. The last was compared with sherds from Churn (Site 135) and Chelm's Coombe (Site 10). There was a large post hole placed in the middle of the causeway entrance at the east.

Animal bones from the Neolithic layers included ox, roe deer, red deer, pig and dog.

RC: animal bone from primary ditch silts BM-2274R 2910 +/-180, BM-2273R 2790 +/- 20; animal bone associated with Peterborough Ware in secondary silts BM-2272R 2690 +/- 130.
2500bc-14/1300bc Overlap site with 3500-2500.
Remains/Period Y5 Y4
County Surrey
Region SE
National grid square SU
X coordinate 861
Y coordinate 478
Bibliographic source Keiller and Piggott 1939, Field and Cotton 1987


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