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Site name Ireley Farm, Hailes
Site number 1219
Burial codes 1005 1009 1021 1023 1026 1028 1030 1033 1042 1046 1051 1053 1065 1072 1074 1084 1091 1098 1103 1111 1112 1124 1125 1127 1143 1153 1156 1181
100bc-AD43 Two cist graves, No 1 being a large paved rectangular cist of limestone slabs c2.1m long with 4 lid slabs, containing the skeleton of an adult male extended on the back, with some ribs and vertebrae disordered, oriented W. It was accompanied by a a number of carbonised but also burnt grains of wheat placed over the chest area, charcoal fragments, sheep bones, a burnt limestone nodule and three sherds of Late Iron Age pottery. A flint flake came from the pelvic region, and the sherds came 1 from that region and 2 from below the knees. A stone of roughly triangular shape was found on the breast of the skeleton, made of red ferruginous limestone. Charcoal was found near the feet.

No 2 grave was rectangular and smaller than No 1, with head and foot stones but no observed cist walls. It contained the skeleton of a small female, extended on the back, oriented E, and accompanied by an Iron Age sherd by the body. The head was brought forward onto the chest, the body not being fully extended. There was an intrusive Samian sherd from heavy Romano-British occupation immediately above.
Remains/Period Y1
County Gloucestershire
Region SW
National grid square SP
X coordinate 37
Y coordinate 305
Bibliographic source Clifford 1944, Whimster 1981


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