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Site name Frilford
Site number 1229
Burial codes 1005 1009 1021 1023 1025 1028 1030 1033 1042 1046 1051 1065 1071 1075 1084 1093 1102 1104 1108 1109 1128 1143 1151 1153 1168 1181
100bc-AD43 A circular stake-built enclosure with a SE entrance interpreted by the excavators as an Iron Age ceremonial site contained 2 inhumations. [The enclosure was overlain by a Romano-British shrine].

The first burial was of an (?)adolescent female tightly contracted on the left side (and possibly bound), oriented NNE, arms bent, and hands placed together beneath the chin. It was at the bottom of an oval grave cut in the chalk on the north side of the enclosure, and covered by a compact layer of small stones. There were no associated objects.

The second was of a new-born infant buried on the surface of the chalk in the SW corner of the enclosure.

Just within the perimeter of the circle was a shallow pit which produced pottery and a fragment of a sword chape that indicated a date of the 1st Century BC.
Remains/Period Y1
County Oxfordshire
Region SE
National grid square SU
X coordinate 439
Y coordinate 962
Bibliographic source Harding 1972, Whimster 1981


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