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Site name Ham Hill, Stoke-sub-Hamden
Site number 1231
Burial codes 1003 1004 1009 1021 1023 1026 1028 1029 1035 1043 1047 1051 1065 1071 1075 1084 1092 1098 1101 1104 1106 1111 1122 1123 1125 1128 1143 1151 1153 1181 1182
100bc-AD43 In the hill fort was found a grave containing the fragmentary remains of a skeleton accompanied by an iron ring allegedly round the neck, a tanged iron chisel and an adze on the breast of the body.

In Cutting XIV (1925) was an inhumation of an adult male c35 or less, oriented NNE, lying on the left side at the bottom of the ditch with the legs contracted. The skeleton showed a sword cut to the right tibia, and a healed cut to the right frontal eminence. A few inches below the skeleton a pig jaw and two sheep jaws were noted. Under and to the west of the skeleton part of the shaft of the left femur of an adult male was found. There was no trace of a grave. Dated by the excavator to cAD50 without detailed evidence quoted.

A cremation burial was found inside the hill fort in a pit c0.75m deep whose sides were whitened with chalk and the mouth sealed with clay. Neither chalk nor clay is native to this soil. Associated with the burial were: a mid-1st Century AD anthropoid-hilted dagger with a bronze sheath, a bronze buckle, 2 bronze suspension rings, an iron adze and sickle, an iron arrow head with hammered over socket, flat and dome-headed bronze studs with nails, and a length of bronze binding possibly for a shield. There were also many fragments of plain and decorated Iron Age pottery now lost.
Remains/Period Y1
County Somerset
Region SW
National grid square ST
X coordinate 478
Y coordinate 170
Bibliographic source Anon 1886, Walter 1923, Gray 1923, 1924, 1925a, Hawkes and Dunning 1930, Clarke and Hawkes 1955, Jope 1962, Whimster 1981, Bruck 1995


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