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Site name Lambourn Long Barrow, Lambourn Seven Barrows, Brk 2
Site number 131
Burial codes 5005 5009 5021 5024 5025 5028 5030 5032 5036 5042 5047 5051 5053 5065 5075 5084 5092 5098 5104 5111 5121 5143 5152 5156 5181 5200
3500bc - 2500bc A long barrow oriented ENE. Excavations in 1850-58 by Atkins probably found human skeletal material and black earth. There was Windmill Hill pottery below the primary silt of the ditch. The southern quarry ditch at the head of the barrow contained above the first year's primary silt, burnt stones, an adult femur with charcoal (see RC date), primary plain bowl sherds, animal bones and broken human skull cap (sweepings from the area of a fire?).

The mound had a core of small sarsen boulders beneath a rectangular turf stack capped by chalk rubble. At the head of the mound was a contracted adult female burial in rough cist with 2 perforated dog-whelk shells, but it was not datable.

RC: Charcoal from below the primary south ditch fill GX 1178 3415 +/- 180
Remains/Period Y5
County Berkshire
Region SE
National grid square SU
X coordinate 323
Y coordinate 834
Bibliographic source Grinsell 1936b, Case 1956-57, Wymer 1966, 1970


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