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Site name Old Down Farm, Andover
Site number 1327
Burial codes 2002 2003 2004 2022 2023 2026 2028 2030 2035 2042 2047 2051 2065 2072 2075 2084 2092 2098 2103 2104 2108 2109 2110 2111 2128 2143 2153 2181 2182 1003 1004 1009 1022 1023 1026 1028 1030 1035 1042 1047 1051 1065 1072 1084 1092 1098 1103 1104 1105 1109 1111 1121 1128 1143 1151 1153 1181
8/700bc-100bc A settlement site of 1.18 hectares enclosed by a large subrectangular ditch, with evidence for occupation from the 7th Century BC to the early 1st Century AD. There were a number of disposals of human skeletal material in various contexts over the period.

Pit 2683 contained a neonatal infant [probably 7th century BC].

Post hole 451 contained unsexed adult cranial fragments and a child's left parietal [probably 7th century BC].

Pits 1095 and 2780 contained two adult unsexed cranial fragments [probably 6th-4th Centuries BC].

Pit 2290 contained a child's maxillae [probably 6th-4th Centuries BC].

Post hole 2647 contained the very fragmentary remains of two neonatal infants, possibly twins, probably disarticulated [probably 3rd-1st Centuries BC].

Pit 2032 contained an adult unsexed cranial fragment [probably 3rd-1st Centuries BC].

Pit 1091 contained an unsexed adult cranial fragment [probably 3rd-1st Centuries BC].

Pit 2793 contained an adolescent male c15-16 crouched on the right side, oriented EW, head to E, [probably 3rd-1st Centuries BC]. It lay on the pit primary silt.

Pit 2134 contained a neonatal infant, incomplete [probably 3rd-1st Centuries BC].

Pit 240 contained an adolescent male crouched on the right side, arms tucked under the chin, oriented EW, head to E, with massive cuts to skull, neck, ribs, left arm and left pelvis at time of death, [probably 3rd-1st Centuries BC]. The skeleton was on a layer of soil 0.15m above the pit bottom. A layer of large flint nodules had been placed over it.
100bc-AD43 To this period belong the following.

Pit 979 contained a female c17-20, extended, prone, oriented EW, head to W, associated with two brooches; under the feet was placed a neonatal infant [both early 1st Century AD]. In the pit was also an inhumation of an adult male, not elderly, surviving as a small quantity of bones probably all from the same individual.

In the enclosure ditch were three adult unsexed burials, with no further details, and probably of the early 1st Century AD.
Remains/Period Y2 Y1
County Hampshire
Region S
National grid square SU
X coordinate 356
Y coordinate 465
Bibliographic source Davies 1980, Wait 1985, Bruck 1995


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