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Site name Maiden Castle Shrine
Site number 1333
Burial codes 1002 1005 1021 1023 1026 1028 1030 1035 1042 1046 1051 1053 1065 1075 1084 1092 1098 1104 1109 1128 1143 1153 1181
100bc-AD43 A shrine of circular shape, dated to the 1st Century BC-2nd Century AD, c8m in diameter with drystone walls of chalk and limestone, and the entrance to the east. There may have been a porch or portico to it. The shrine door is accurately aligned on the hollowed trackway from the hill fort gate, and the shrine was built 3m west of an Early Iron Age shrine of rectangular shape.

Found in the shrine were c15 brooches, iron weapons, pony bones and associated harness fittings, six coins and several infant burials.
Remains/Period Y1
County Dorset
Region S
National grid square SY
X coordinate 669
Y coordinate 885
Bibliographic source Wheeler 1943, Drury 1980, Wait 1985


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