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Site name Barrow B, Simon's Ground, Hampreston
Site number 1343
Burial codes 3002 3005 3021 3023 3025 3028 3030 3033 3041 3048 3051 3065 3075 3081 3083 3092 3098 3104 3105 3108 3110 3111 3128 3141 3153 3161 3173 3181 3200
14/1300bc-8/700bc A round barrow with a Deverel-Rimbury urnfield to the south of it. None of the urns was placed in the barrow ditch or mound. The barrow had a turf mound placed on a well-preserved buried land surface. In the centre of the mound was a large mass of charcoal, and traces of burning covered 4 stake holes at the corners of a rectangle 0.75m x 1.5m. No pit or human interment was found, but the soil was acid. The ditch had a causeway in the SE.

The adjacent urnfield was large. Over 100 burials were found, all but one in urns. Globular, barrel and bucket urns were recovered, some upright, others inverted. One rim sherd was recessed to take a lid.

There were charcoal lined pits c10cm in diameter, possibly the remainder of posts which were part of the urnfield structure, or cremation supports.

There were 45 urned cremations including 9 multiple cremations, representing 17 adults, 7 young adults, 12 children and 18 unknown.

RC: centre of Barrow B NPL-216 1250 +/-90, fill of B104 BM-697 489 +/-55
Remains/Period Y3
County Dorset
Region S
National grid square SU
X coordinate 62
Y coordinate 0
Bibliographic source White 1968, 1969b,1982


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