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Site name Watkins Farm, Northmoor
Site number 1439
Burial codes 2004 2009 2021 2023 2026 2028 2030 2035 2036 2042 2044 2047 2051 2065 2073 2075 2084 2092 2098 2103 2104 2106 2111 2125 2128 2143 2151 2153 2181 2182 2200
8/700bc-100bc An Iron Age enclosure with a number of deposits of skeletal material. There were fragments of an adult human skull and other bones of a skeleton in the ditch 495 surrounding a round house in Phases 5/6. In ditch 410 adjacent there were further pieces of skeleton which could belong to this individual, probably a male. The skull fragments showed at least 4 severe but not necessarily fatal cuts.

Another circular enclosure at the west edge of the interior of the settlement contained a possible well (feature 498), up against the side of which was an extended human skeleton of a female c30 or more over a very dense concentration of highly burnt limestone. The burial was accompanied by wooden and leather objects, oriented head to S, and had an arm and lower right leg missing. The body had been placed in the pit, and the objects accompanying lay within the curve of the body. The organic layer directly overlying the objects suggest that the pit was left open after the body had been deposited, but the body articulation and the environmental evidence run counter to this. The body may have been exposed before burial as carrion feeder beetles were present, if in small numbers.

In Feature 12, an antenna ditch just outside the entrance to the main enclosure, there were skull vault fragments of an adult or late adolescent of unknown sex.

Feature 23, probably a house enclosure, contained part of the right humerus of an adult.

RC: from carbonised wooden object with pit burial HAR-8253 1110 +/-60 [anomalous for the site], from bone in the bottom of the main enclosure ditch HAR-7051 390 +/-90, others ranging from the last to HAR-8255 110+/-80
Remains/Period Y2
County Oxfordshire
Region SE
National grid square SP
X coordinate 410
Y coordinate 35
Bibliographic source Allen 1985, 1990


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