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Site name Gravelly Guy, Stanton Harcourt
Site number 1440
Burial codes 2003 2009 2021 2023 2026 2028 2030 2035 2042 2046 2051 2065 2071 2072 2075 2084 2098 2103 2104 2108 2109 2111 2122 2128 2129 2143 2153 2181
8/700bc-100bc A open settlement site c30m x 170m with over 600 domestic pits respecting penannular enclosures for huts and small open areas. The site was divided into 5 distinct occupation sets. Numerous deliberate and varied ritual burials of animals were found (especially of dogs) in the pits, and also two adult human burials, one with a bone toggle, and the other with a fine shale spindle whorl. Over half a dozen new born babies were also found buried. Contemporaneous finds of datable type included two fine brooches, one an early La Tene iron type and the other a middle La Tene type similar to one found at Maiden Castle, although the settlement appears to have been occupied from c600-500BC to the Roman Conquest [Lambrick].

At least 70 individuals were represented in the burials, of whom 51 are infants. There were 28 complete inhumations (23 infants, 1 child of 4-5, 3 adult females, and 1 adult male), 1 single skull (adult male), and 28 occurrences of infant bones (at least some of which are unrecognized burials), 1 adult male and 1 adult female longbone, and 11 unsexed adult bones). The adult burials were crouched, with 3 on the right side, and 1 on the left, and among the infants, 6 were crouched on the right and 3 on the left. 10 of the burials were placed head to north (NW-NE), and 5 with heads to S [Wait in Green 494-5 anticipating full publication by Lambrick].
Remains/Period Y2
County Oxfordshire
Region SE
National grid square SP
X coordinate 403
Y coordinate 54
Bibliographic source Lambrick 1985, 1986, Green 1995


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