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Site name Penrhiw Cradoc, Mountain Ash
Site number 1509
Burial codes 4001 4005 4021 4023 4025 4028 4030 4033 4041 4048 4051 4065 4075 4093 4098 4104 4111 4128 4143 4153 4164 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc A group of nine small cairns, A-C within 20m of each other, and D-J less closely grouped c45m to the east. Cairn B contained evidence of funerary function, the others possibly being clearance cairns if H and J's evidence is relied upon.

Cairn B was rectangular, c9.5m x 3.2m, with a drystone kerb, oriented NS, and covered three pits containing burnt matter in their fill, an area of scorching and an area of disturbance possibly geological in origin. The central part of Pit 023 (at the S), layer 022, was formed by a concentrated mass of bone fragments surrounded by charcoal, burnt organic matter and a sandy loam with burnt bone and sandstone. A square shape to the deposit suggested a square organic container in which it had been placed.

Pit 025 just south of the cairn centre contained in its lower fill burnt organic matter, some tiny fragments of burnt bone, charcoal and scorched pieces of sandstone. The pit was in the north west of an area generally scorched on the surface of the subsoil.

Pit 021 was further to the north and with similar fill, but without bone in the lower layer.

RC: from Cairn B, Pit 021/layer 020 CAR-470 1555 +/-70, Pit 023/layer 022 CAR-471 1450 +/-70, Pit 025/layer 024 (upper) CAR-472 1700 +/-70, Pit 025/layer 024(lower) CAR-556 1525 +/-65
Remains/Period Y4
County Mid Glamorgan
Region SW
National grid square ST
X coordinate 28
Y coordinate 994
Bibliographic source Owen-John 1986


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