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Site name Middle Barn Farm, Chilbolton
Site number 1535
Burial codes 2002 2003 2021 2023 2026 2028 2030 2035 2042 2046 2051 2065 2071 2075 2084 2091 2098 2103 2106 2111 2112 2128 2143 2153 2181
8/700bc-100bc A settlement site where Feature 61 was a shallow hollow roughly 0.65m in diameter x 8cm deep. It contained an unaccompanied skeleton of a probable female c25-35, oriented head to N, crouched, and on its right side. There were 4 slight depressions on the edge of the hollow suggesting stake holes.

There was a second inhumation of a male (No 101), crouched, 4m east of the last. Both of these burials lay within the (later) area of pit concentration within the enclosure, and on these grounds they were dated to the earlier phase of the site when it was unenclosed, c6th-4th Centuries BC. They could therefore be part of a larger cemetery.
Remains/Period Y2
County Hampshire
Region S
National grid square SU
X coordinate 411
Y coordinate 391
Bibliographic source Catherall, Barnett and MacClean 1984


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