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Site name Barrow E Linear Urnfield, Simon's Ground, Hampreston
Site number 1624
Burial codes 3002 3005 3021 3023 3025 3028 3030 3033 3041 3045 3051 3053 3065 3075 3083 3092 3094 3104 3111 3128 3143 3153 3161 3173 3181
14/1300bc-8/700bc A barrow larger than the others at Simon's Ground, the mound of turves, but no archaeological feature apparent in it. The ditch was insignificant. However from the edge of the barrow stretched a linear urnfield to a point opposite the causeway of Barrow F (Site 1352). The pits and urns comprising this complex run NS for approximately 30m along the escarpment. There were 35 urns, all buried upright, except for a small group in the centre. Some were completely buried in deep pits and strewn with sandstone lumps. Others where the ground was harder were buried in shallow pits. The urnfield probably post-dated Barrow E but pre-dated F. About one third of these urns contained cremated bones. The urns were a varied group: they included a fine globular urn and a group of barrel urns near E ring ditch, but most were bucket urns of no special note.

There were 23 associated pits. The urnfield had developed southwards from barrow E.
Remains/Period Y3
County Dorset
Region S
National grid square SZ
X coordinate 64
Y coordinate 999
Bibliographic source White 1970b, 1982


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