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Site name Higher Draynes, St Neot, Bodmin
Site number 218
Burial codes 4005 4021 4024 4025 4028 4030 4035 4053 4154 4159 4184
2500bc-14/1300bc A circular stone cairn of granite boulders with a central grave, an inner stone wall, an outer stone wall, and an outer circle of orthostats at the limit of the cairn. The grave was set to the south west of the centre, an oval area oriented NE/SW, defined by the edge setting of granite slabs.The interior of the grave was paved with small 15cm cobbles of granite which were lightly sprinkled with charcoal. There was no trace of human skeletal material possibly due to the acid soil, or of grave goods.

The inner stone circle was not bonded with the cairn structure. There was an outer ring of elongated granite blocks set radially on the subsoil. The outer orthostats were independent of the structure but appeared to be linked here with the burial process. A biconical spindle whorl on the cairn surface was probably of Iron Age date.

The cairn was undatable except by analogy with dated cairns of similar internal structure of the Beaker period.
Remains/Period N4
County Cornwall
Region SW
National grid square SX
X coordinate 209
Y coordinate 693
Bibliographic source Wainwright 1965a


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