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Site name Notgrove I, Stanborough Lane (S), Glo 4
Site number 24
Burial codes 5005 5009 5022 5024 5025 5027 5030 5032 5036 5042 5047 5051 5053 5065 5075 5084 5093 5096 5103 5105 5107 5108 5109 5111 5121 5122 5123 5125 5126 5127 5143 5151 5152 5155 5156 5159 5171 5181 5183 4002 4005 4022 4023 4025 4028 4030 4032 4036 4042 4045 4051 4053 4065 4075 4084 4092 4098 4104 4108 4127 4143 4159 4181
3500bc - 2500bc Long barrow oriented to E, including circular domed structure and chambered in double cruciform. First structure was a central dome covering a polygonal stone cist containing a crouched sitting burial of a male c50-60. On top of the dome was a female c18-19. Chamber A contained human skeletal material of an infant and 2 children c12-14, and a female c16-20. Chamber B contained a child, and some animal bone. Chamber C contained remains of probable adults. Chamber E held the body of a very young calf. Under paving were human and animal bones, and Neolithic A pottery. Most objects were found in the passage. Chamber D contained adult remains including those of an old male. Two beads of Kimmeridge shale and a perfect leaf shaped arrow head, a bone bead, half a bone ring, and a bored stone were also found.

The forecourt had an oblong depression at the central point, and over the area was unburnt human bone of a young person and a child. Bones of ox, horse and pig were also found in the forecourt. Burning was in evidence a numerous points inside the barrow. Scraps of Beaker ware were found by Orthostat No 4, and Neolithic B pottery was found in the forecourt blocking.
2500bc-14/1300bc There were two possible Beaker ware fragments by Orthostat Number 4 of the antechamber, and Neolithic B sherds in the forecourt blocking. The forecourt was roughly paved with stone, and on a centre line in front of the portal was an oblong depression edged with stones inside which was a smaller circular hole on the north side. Over this area unburnt human skeletal material had been placed - the remains of a young person and a young child. A little to the south east was a small oblong stone-lined depression in which was burnt black material. There was a slightly smaller, less carefully lined depression with a similar filling to the north east. Further east but in the centre there had been fires. 3m from the entrance many pig bones were found, and bones of ox and horse had been deliberately placed. These bones would have been disturbed by animals if the blocking had not been laid following their placement or interment. The blocking contained Neolithic A and B pottery, flint, animal bones, and artefacts - bead, ring, gouge, bevelled bone and flints.
Remains/Period Y5 Y4
County Gloucestershire
Region SW
National grid square SP
X coordinate 96
Y coordinate 212
Bibliographic source Clifford 1936, 1937b, Kinnes 1979


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