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Site name East Putford 7
Site number 257
Burial codes 4001 4005 4021 4024 4025 4028 4030 4035 4042 4046 4052 4053 4065 4073 4084 4091 4096 4104 4111 4112 4122 4123 4129 4142 4152 4167 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc A round barrow with an outer ditch. It contained at the centre an extended skeleton (the shadow of the body only survived) laid in a log structure with posts at the corners, and accompanied by a wooden pole, a bronze dagger, and a flint flake. The burial was oriented head to S. The barrow primary mound was made of turfy surface soil capped with a ditch subsoil layer, piled on the old peaty ground surface. Capping this mound was a layer of clay and stones.

The extended inhumation was placed under a wooden structure comprising 2 pairs of 0.15m wooden posts set 1.2m apart at the head and the foot of the burial, and inclined inwards at 600 to form the ends of a low gabled structure. In the barrow floor were the traces of horizontal timbers 0.45m broad set inside the posts. The 2 logs linking the two pairs of posts were set in the subsoil, and the side timbers laid over these. The resulting central longitudinal space for the body was 1.5m x 0.6m. Possibly the mortuary structure was completed by a ridge pole and sloping roofs of branches or wattlework, with turves piled on top to merge in with the structure of the mound.

In the upper capping of the barrow, over the centre of this mortuary house, was a small pile of stones and clay burnt to a reddish colour: this was probably added at the same time as the secondary capping. (Radford and Rogers Barrow I).
Remains/Period Y4
County Devon
Region SW
National grid square SS
X coordinate 384
Y coordinate 174
Bibliographic source Radford and Rogers 1947, Grinsell 1970c


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