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Site name Barton Court Farm
Site number 324
Burial codes 1003 1009 1021 1023 1026 1028 1030 1035 1042 1046 1051 1065 1073 1075 1084 1093 1098 1103 1106 1109 1110 1111 1128 1143 1153 1181 1200
100bc-AD43 A number of inhumations in or near a Late Iron Age settlement enclosure of c0.35ha probably occupied in the first half of the 1st Century AD. A crouched male 459, c30-35, was buried with head to S inside a round house (Structure 1), without dating evidence but possibly contemporary.

To the east of a cluster of pits in the south east quarter was a rectangular ditched enclosure with a western entrance. The only feature in it was a human cremation with no dating evidence, but there had been much disturbance by later features.

A crouched female 680, head to S, was buried north of a Romano-British building 2 in the eastern part of the excavation. There were two neo-natal burials (103 and 339) in the Iron Age ditch, which were probably of that period as they were placed in the lower fills. Five further infants may have been buried in this period by their positions make dating slightly ambiguous. Odd adult long bones were also found in the ditch, along with domestic debris.

One infant was buried in a post hole, and one in a grave in the occupation area, but these were probably Romano-British.

RC: from carbonized grain in pit 311 HAR-1335 250 +/- 70 bc, and bone from ditch 5 HAR-1342 120 +/- 80 ad
Remains/Period Y1
County Oxfordshire
Region SE
National grid square SU
X coordinate 510
Y coordinate 978
Bibliographic source Benson and Miles 1974, Wilson 1981, Miles 1984


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