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Site name Charlton Kings 1, Northfield Barrow
Site number 340
Burial codes 4005 4009 4021 4023 4025 4028 4030 4035 4043 4044 4048 4051 4052 4053 4065 4075 4084 4098 4103 4104 4108 4110 4111 4121 4122 4128 4130 4143 4152 4156 4160 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc A round barrow with a mound of alternate layers of stone and earth, including sherds.

There were three probably intrusive stone lined graves c1.2m square, well east of the centre, 1.8m above the original ground surface. These contained respectively one adult male, one adult female and a child c8-9. There were two bone pins with the male, and other grave goods deliberately set on the bones comprised a flint knife, a saw, fabricator, whetstone, a crystal and polished white pebble. The inhumations were sandwiched between 4 layers of stone in each cist, having previously been dismembered, the bones wrapped in clay and set in a clay layer. The female and child skulls were broken and set with the other bones in the layers, but the male's was intact and apparently filled with the same clay before deposition.

A possible pyre base was found on the barrow floor, thickly impregnated with bone and charcoal, and on its surface was a large quantity of bones. Probably the primary cremation was not found, and there was a possible secondary unaccompanied cremation in a stone cist.
Remains/Period Y4
County Gloucestershire
Region SW
National grid square SO
X coordinate 990
Y coordinate 217
Bibliographic source Hill 1930, O'Neil and Grinsell 1960


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