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Site name Adlestrop I, Adlestrop Hill (W)
Site number 42
Burial codes 5002 5005 5021 5023 5025 5027 5030 5032 5042 5046 5051 5053 5065 5075 5091 5098 5101 5104 5107 5108 5109 5110 5111 5129 5130 5143 5152 5155 5159 5181
3500bc - 2500bc Long barrow oriented ESE. A single paved burial chamber 1.2m x 1.2m containing in the chamber or nearby in the structures 7-8 inhumations, mostly of children (two c12-13 or less, one c5-10, one c8-9, an adolescent, a middle aged person, and two infants), mixed with earth and stones. The remains were very fragmentary. In the central trench were some traces of black ash, a red quartz pebble, flint flake and blade. A white quartz pebble was found elsewhere in stone packing, and also infant and adult male bone fragments. The human skeletal material is believed Neolithic with one possible Beaker male.

It is believed that the extremely comminuted state of the bones was due to deliberate human activity and not to crushing by falling stone.
2500bc-14/1300bc Overlap site with 3500-2500.
Remains/Period Y5 Y4
County Gloucestershire
Region SW
National grid square SP
X coordinate 254
Y coordinate 283
Bibliographic source Donovan 1938, O'Neil and Grinsell 1960


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