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Site name Chaldon Herring 16
Site number 678
Burial codes 3001 3005 3021 3023 3025 3028 3030 3031 3034 3036 3041 3045 3051 3065 3075 3084 3091 3098 3102 3107 3124 3128 3143 3152 3153 3167 3181
14/1300bc-8/700bc A bowl barrow with a ditch with causeways at the WSW and NNW points c0.6m wide, the ditch being similar in construction to that of Chaldon Herring 15 (Site 677), with a channel and flint/sherd lining. One part appeared to have been deliberately back filled with small stones and flint, thus sealing struck flint and datable pottery including Deverel-Rimbury globular urn sherds.

There was a shallow central pit containing cremated human bone fragments and a few small Bronze Age pot sherds: it was not disturbed and appears to have been a minimal deposit of bone and sherds, probably following the cremation of an adult female c40-50. Round the central pit appeared the remains of three stake holes of a rectangular structure centred on the pit c0.9m square, a possible mortuary house.

Artefacts, flakes, and cores were found throughout the barrow, and possibly this barrow and Site 677 had been built on an old Mesolithic working floor.
Remains/Period Y3
County Dorset
Region S
National grid square SY
X coordinate 784
Y coordinate 813
Bibliographic source White 1974b


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