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Site name Poole 24, Canford Heath
Site number 735
Burial codes 3005 3021 3023 3025 3028 3030 3034 3152 3153 3184 3200
14/1300bc-8/700bc A disc barrow whose mound was built of irregular clods of earth, and which was ditched only on the northern side in an arc NW-SSW with a parallel intervening low bank. An escarpment surrounded the rest of the arc of the mound SSW-NW. Just west of the mound centre a pit was dug into the old ground surface but was empty of interments or artefacts; charcoal produced HAR-2278. The pre-barrow floor produced 35 flints, the post barrow construction 2632, 99% of these from silt between the edge of the mound and the bank. The old ground surface under the mound had been cleared beforehand.

RC: charcoal from primary pit HAR-2278 1110 +/- 110
Remains/Period N3
County Dorset
Region S
National grid square SZ
X coordinate 19
Y coordinate 959
Bibliographic source Horsey and Shackley 1980


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