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Site name Niton 2, St Catherine's Hill, Niton Down, Isle of Wight
Site number 830
Burial codes 4001 4005 4021 4023 4025 4028 4029 4035 4036 4042 4046 4051 4065 4072 4084 4092 4098 4101 4106 4128 4143 4152 4153 4181
2500bc-14/1300bc A ditchless bowl barrow with a primary mound of soil mixed with weathered chalk scraped from around the mound site and deposited in bucket loads. The mound material contained potsherds, worked flints, and animal bones typical of casual settlement debris. The sherds were of Windmill Hill and Peterborough ware with 2 Beaker sherds. A fragment of a pottery spoon was also in the debris.

The primary burial was 2.1m south west of the centre beneath a layer of 110 water-worn chert beach stones c1.2m x 0.9m which had been carried from 0.5 mile away at Watershoot Bay and set on the primary mound. The grave was cut in the solid chalk, EW, and measured 2.5m x 0.75 x 0.3m deep, with rounded ends, and inward sloping sides. The body was crouched on its right side, head to E, facing north, right arm extended, left arm with the hand close to the shoulder, and was of a male c35, of brachycephalic type. The body had been tightly cramped in between the sides although there was space at the ends. There were no grave goods.
Remains/Period Y4
County Hampshire
Region S
National grid square SZ
X coordinate 502
Y coordinate 775
Bibliographic source Martin 1926, Dunning 1932b


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